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Welcome to HealthShare Works

Welcome to HealthShare Works. We offer and manage access to the Community Health Association that benefits like-minded people who wish to share health expenses with others with common goals of saving money on their healthcare costs, a commitment to healthy behavior and having more control over their health providers.

The sharing economy has come to transportation, travel and other industries and now healthcare. Our members often can often save 30 to 70% on their monthly contributions relative to what they are paying monthly for health insurance!

​HealthShare Works all began in 1978 when we provided the first system for managing a physician’s office. We were so good at helping physicians navigate the complexity of our healthcare system, they referred us to their patients who needed help with insurance. A lot has changed since then and the need for assistance has drastically increased.

HealthShare Works is YOU! It is your program and your solution to the rising costs and complexity of healthcare. You choose how to take care of your health. You select your own physicians and we pay your medical bills for ACA recommended preventive care provided by your own doctor. There are no networks.

​HealthShare Works is about our members! Our members have the freedom to choose their own doctor and visit well-regarded medical providers. HealthShare Works facilitates cooperation with your physicians so that they collaborate for preventive care and welcome you as a patient for treatment.

With HealthShare Works, your cost for medical care is often 30-70% less than with comparable insurance plans. Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical needs arise. Our members also reduce medical costs through smart choices about diet, exercise and lifestyle. This commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and managing healthcare costs in a direct way reduces costs.

​Monthly shares are generally lower than typical insurance premiums. Our members don’t pay a copay, co-insurance or high deductible; we intervene if you are balance billed. 

HealthShare Works is about supporting our members with incredible service and advice when it comes to navigating the complex medical landscape.